Dozens of writers have mistakenly submitted fiction and poetry under the "apt comparisons" category. Please don't submit fiction or poetry here. If you're trying to submit fiction or poetry, just hit the back button and choose one of those categories.

However, if you've written an essay comparing two things, stay here. Here, we want your comparative essays. Essay might be too constricting a word though. The comparisons don't have to be 100% non-fiction. You can write a piece of satire that might be an apt comparison. We just want you to compare two things in an amusing, erudite, thoughtful, or other pleasing way.

Here's an example. In June of 2012, Dahlia Lithwick wrote an essay for Slate comparing Chief Justice John Roberts to a Muppet.

That is satire. That is also an apt comparison.

Here's another example. For the first apt comparison, our visual arts editor, J.F. Lynch, wrote an essay comparing Art and art.

That is not satire. It is still an apt comparison.

So, compare two things (any two things you want). Then send them our way.

Total word count should not exceed 1,000.